Flavours for in store cupcakes. We change them from time to time to ensure delicious variety!


Cupcake Flavours:


Vanilla Confetti-

Fluffy vanilla bean cake with vanilla buttercream frosting covered in colourful confetti sprinkles.


Chocolate Lovers-

Chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream topped with a piece of Cadbury Flake and drizzled with dark chocolate ganache.


Lush Lemon Dream –

Sweet lemon cake filled with a fresh lemon curd topped with a lemon cream buttercream rosette.


Orange Cream –

Mellow orange cream cake frosted with a sweet orange buttercream rosette.


Red velvet mudcake-

Deep Red Velvet mudcake frosted with a white chocolate ganache swirl.


Choc Filled Mint Slice-

Choc-Mint cake filled with a dark ganache topped with mint buttercream and a Mint slice biscuit drizzled with ganache.


Choc – Peppermint –

Chocolate cake with peppermint frosting topped with a peppermint freddo.


Lime & Coconut –

Lime cake with a fluffy coconut buttercream frosting.


Maple Caramel Corn –

Smooth maple caramel cake frosted with maple buttercream, topped with caramel corn.


Deep Chocolate Mudcake –

Decadent deep chocolate mudcake frosted with a dark chocolate ganache.


Caramel Mudcake –

Light mudcake frosted with white chocolate ganache


White Chocolate mudcake –

Fluffy mudcake topped with white chocolate ganache.


Musk Sticks –

Light musk flavoured cake and buttercream frosting topped with musk sticks.


Turkish Delight –

Chocolate and Rose flavoured cake with rosewater buttercream topped with slices of turkish delight


Pineapple Lumps-

Pineapple cake with a chocolate filling, frosted with a pineapple buttercream topped with pineapple lumps and drizzled with ganache.


Strawberry –

Our favourite Strawberry cake and buttercream topped with a strawberry freddo.


Banana Bliss –

Real Banana cake frosted with vanilla buttercream.


Passionfruit –

Passionfruit cake frosted with a sweet passionfruit buttercream topped with tangy passionfruit pulp and syrup.


Jaffa –

Orange cream cake topped with chocolate buttercream.


Sherbet Fizz –

Vanilla bean cake filled with sherbet, frosted with vanilla buttercream rolled in sherbet.

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